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Gaia Retreat House - Seminarhaus im Herzen Deutschland

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Gaia Retreat House is an international and intimate boutique retreat house in the heart of Germany (25 km east of Kassel) in a natural forest setting in the "Werra Meissner nature reserve". 

The home specializes in hosting yoga and wellness retreats for individuals and groups, and offers a cozy space for dance, movement, art and spiritual seminars, training and other inspirational activities. 

The "Gaia Center" was founded in 1990 and has been a successful seminar house for 27 years. It was handed over to us in March 2017 and today Gaia Retreat House is a family business owned and operated by Eran & Anat.



The house is surrounded by green countryside and natural forests that offer incredibly beautiful hiking trails. The nearby "Werra-Meissner nature reserve" offers forests, rivers, mountains, lakes and small villages. It is known for its wide range of outdoor activities.

The mixed landscape of this beautiful area offers the opportunity to enrich and perfectly enjoy your stay at Gaia Retreat House.


accommodation capacity

Gaia offers space for seminars with up to 18 participants with 3 leaders, or 20 participants + 1 leader.

The house has a total of 11 guest rooms and 21 beds. 4 single rooms 3 double rooms 1 triple room 1 dorm for 5 1 private suite (2 rooms) with private toilet and shower for the ladder

In addition, it has a living room with a fireplace, a TV room, a sauna area and a personal session clinic. All of this can be used by seminar leaders and guests.


Rooms & ambience

Gaia's rooms are cozy, comfortable and intimate. They were renovated last year and completely redesigned so that each room has its own personal ambience. Gaia's homely atmosphere means that many of our guests book the same room they last visited.



► Central location ► View of nature from the dining room ► 7 toilets

► Quiet and secluded ► Surrounded by forest ► 7 showers

► Homely atmosphere ► Well maintained ► Sauna

► Garden view studio ► Free parking ► Balcony

► Comfortable rooms ► Free Wi-Fi ► Fireplace

► During the seminar, the house is closed to external guests.


Seminar room facilities

The seminars take place in our beautiful 75 m² studio with garden view on the ground floor, at the back of the house, with a view of the forest. The room has large windows and offers plenty of natural light during the day.


The seminar room is equipped with the following facilities:

► "Bose" sound system ► 16 yoga mats ► 2 gongs ► flipboard ► 12 exercise mats ► 4 chairs ► a screen ► 15 meditation cushions ► 2 sitter sofas ► LAN connection ► 20 warm blankets ► candle holders ► 1 piano + chair ► 28 seminar chairs ► Extension cable ► 18 yoga blocks ► 10 yoga belts ► CD player


Food & Drinks

Dining at Gaia is an exceptional experience and truly special. It combines Mediterranean flavors with healthy nutrition and passionate cuisine with lots of love and attention. Gluten free, lactose free and other culinary sensitivities are always welcome at Gaia and receive appropriate attention.

The full hosting program at Gaia offers a vegan/vegetarian cuisine and provides 2 meals per day. Tea, water and refreshments are available throughout the day for seminar guests.



We ask our guests to give us an honest review and let us know what we can improve. In this way, we ensure that we can offer our customers the best service at all times. Here are some of the reviews we have received from our newest leaders and clients who have held seminars here.



Dear Anat, dear Eran, I am still very touched by your loving care and attention. After more than 40 years of seminar house experience, I can say without blushing: You are the best hosts. Above all, Eran's cooking is second to none. I have never eaten better. After 4 days I was concerned that I had gained weight but noooo. The scale shows less - happy. I can warmly recommend you and hope to be able to offer you many more seminars. Our participants were also all very enthusiastic and it was almost a little difficult to endure the isolated silence phases while eating, because the AHHs and Mmmms tumbled out again and again - giggles. All the best to you, love and beauty - LOVE

Coco Heinrichs, Witzenhausen


I was in the house with an Integralis self-discovery group. It was the best support for our work from start to finish. We felt warmly welcomed, were exceptionally spoiled with culinary delights and benefited from the deep, spacious atmosphere throughout the house in our work. Lovely again!

Ute JungnickKassel


 After several years in other meeting houses, I was able to be there with an Authentic Movement retreat group for the first time since the reopening of Gaia. Because of your hospitality, openness, flexibility and this wonderful food filled with new surprises every day, Gaia is the place where I want to be and where I have found a space for the Discipline of Authentic Movement. Thank you from the heart Anat and Eran Anke Teigeler Wiesbaden Hessen


Objektart: Seminarhaus
Größter Raum: ca. 75 m2
Bettenzahl: 21



30 Teilnehmer · 1 Arbeitsräume · Kleinster Raum: 75 m · DVD · Musikanlage · Projektionsfläche / Leinwand · Beamer · Klavier / E-Piano · Tageslicht · WLAN · Meditationsmatten · Meditationskissen · Flipchart


4 Einzelzimmer · 4 Doppelzimmer · 1 3-Bett · 1 5-Bett · 1 10- & Mehrbett · 3 Rollstuhlzimmer · 11 Zimmer


Garten Park Natur · Sauna


IC-Bahnhof · ÖPNV-Anbindung · Entfernung IC-Bahnhof: 26 km · Entfernung Bahnhof: 9 km · Entfernung Flughafen: ca. 200 km


Rollstuhlfahrer geeignet · Familienfeiern · Freizeitgruppen · Tagungen · Seminare




vegetarisch möglich · nichts ist unmöglich


Übernachtung mit Frühstück · Vollpension · Selbstversorgung · Verpflegung verfügbar


Veranstaltung ohne Übernachtung · Veranstaltung mit Übernachtung

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von 5

Günstigster Preis pro Nacht (ab)

01.05.2022 bis 01.12.202990,- €

Verfügbare Seminarräume in diesem Haus

Dieses Haus hat an dieser Stelle keine Seminarräume gesondert eingestellt. Bitte lesen Sie die Hausbeschreibung und fragen Sie direkt beim Hausbetreiber nach nutzbaren Räumen.

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Seminarhaus in 37235 Hessisch Lichtenau
Lage: ländlich

Garten Park Natur, Sauna

Tagungen bis 30 Personen
Größter Seminarraum: 75 qm

1 Räume zur Gruppennutzung

21 Betten in 11 Zimmern
4 Einzelzimmer
4 Doppelzimmer
3 Mehrbettzimmer

vegetarisch möglich, nichts ist unmöglich

ÜVP ab € 90 • TP ab € 90


Gaia Retreat House - Seminarhaus im Herzen Deutschland